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About us

Abbeloos Didier transformed his passion into a profession, namely dealing in antiques. Behind the façade of this former mayor residence in Schellebelle, you will find a collection of superb antiques and antiqueries from the East and West.

The 15 intimate rooms of the house, which looks like a private museum, where you can find all the pieces displayed in context. That way you immediately have an idea how the antique pieces will fit in your home.

Let yourself be guided pass these antique treasures and give your home a personalized and stylish interior.

Didier has a well-trained eye for various art forms and travels the entire world in search of these exclusive pieces. This way his stylish antiques business can regularly offer new collections.

Dider Abbeloos deliberately keeps a wide range of paintings and furniture but he also offers ornamental objects and chandeliers from a successful blend of style culture
from restful English charm to French romantism through a various range of ethnic art. 
Here you can both find effective objects as well as classical furniture. 

While wondering through the house you will come across the garden where you can enjoy an amazing different setting. 

Let yourself be dazzled by this beautiful scenery and the outstanding antiques of Didier Abbeloos

In een schitterend huis in het Belgische Schellebelle woont antiquair Didier Abbeloos tussen een verzameling voorwerpen vanuit de hele wereld, liefdevol bijeen gebracht en bijna allemaal te koop.

Didier concentreert zich altijd op de betere kwaliteit. Op stukken die het verschil kunnen maken.

Antiquair Didier Abbeloos is een gelukkig man: hij maakte van zijn grote liefde, het verhandelen van kwaliteitsantiek, zijn beroep. Ontdek binnen deze site zijn imposante verzameling antieke trouvailles en oudheden uit het Oosten en het Westen.